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If you have a new, used, or junk car to sell you have many options available to sell it. You could sell it yourself, take it to a junk yard, trade it in at a dealership, etc. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to offering an efficient and customer oriented service. At Cash For Cars St Louis, we have designed a process that is hassle-free and incredibly fast.

How To Sell You Vehicle

Make the Call – It all starts by picking up your phone and dialing one of our operators who is trained to give you friendly service that is low pressure and hassle free. You may have been disappointed in the past when you have made calls to businesses that try to sell you on products or services, badgering you and being intentionally evasive when questioned. Our operators will treat you respect, they will never try to sell you an unrelated product, and will answer any question you have honestly and quickly. We are a local business and depend on our reputation so we will treat you right!
Let Us Get to Know Your Vehicle – Our operator will ask you a variety of questions about your vehicle. They will ask about the condition of your car including: the basics (make, model, year) the appearance of the exterior and interior, the state of your engine, the accident and repair history of your vehicle. The call only takes about a quarter of an hour and is completely free so you only stand to benefit by giving us a chance.
Receive Your Offer – Our operator will use the information that you provided to create an offer that is customized to your unique vehicle. The offer also takes recent sales trends into account to make sure you get the most money possible.
Make the Sale – If you agree to the offer, we will set up a time to meet you. We have the resources to stay flexible so that we can meet whenever it’s convenient for you and we will bring you cash to your doorstep. You will only need to provide documentation such as a valid form of personal identification and the car title. Than we will take your vehicle off of your hands and you will have the cash you need. There are no hidden fees or red tape. You will only have to sign a few papers and cash is yours!

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“Selling my car to your company was simple! I'm glad you guys came and picked up my car. In the future I will definitely be using again.”