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You might be wondering what we mean when we say that we will buy almost any car. Is it just a line or do we really buy cars that are in all kinds of conditions? Yes, we do. We have built a large customer base by offering the most for cars of every make, model, and year. We have the kind of experience in the used car buying business that can be put to work for you.

What We Buy

Used Cars – We by large quantities of used cars in the St. Louis area each month. We know that no matter how hard you strive to keep your old car in perfect condition, life happens. We buy cars with cosmetic damage such as dents, rust, and paint wear. We buy cars with interior damage such as torn seats, stains, and cracked dashes. If you have tried to sell a car with any of these issues and they have deterred most used car buyers making it difficult to sell, give us a call. We make offers on almost every vehicle we are contacted about. Even if you car has engine trouble, we want to hear from you!

Junk Cars – If your vehicle is one step past used and you think it has become worthless and is destined for the landfill, it might still make you some cash. We tow away cars that only have recyclable value. Depending on the condition, we may offer you cash but the tow is always free.

New Cars – If you bought a new car just before hitting hard financial times and have found the cost of new car ownership to be overwhelming, we can help. We understand that the costs associated with new cars are often not always made clear—insurance rates are raised, mechanical repairs are more expensive, and even general maintenance costs more due to more costly parts. If you find yourself in a tough spot and own a car that you really don’t need, we will pay you cash faster than anyone else in the business.

We have experience in many types of vehicles, including: sports cars, rare or collectible cars, passenger vans, work trucks, and more. Our large volume of customers keeps our system efficient and gives us the knowledge necessary to make you cash offer for any type of vehicle.

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“Selling my car to your company was simple! I'm glad you guys came and picked up my car. In the future I will definitely be using again.”