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If you have a car that is so worn down that it can’t even be sold for parts, you might be considering taking it to the landfill. While it may seem like your car no longer has any value left, this is not always the case. Did you know that about 75% of your car can be recycled? Recycling vehicles helps many people in a variety of ways. If you have a junk car it is definitely worth considering giving us a call. Here’s how our program at Cash For Cars St Louis is beneficial to you and to everyone else:
• Financial Compensation for You – Why pay a dumping fee when you could make a little cash off your junk car? Our “Cash For Junk Cars” program is designed to make recycling your vehicle as easy as possible. We bring cash to your door and tow your old junk car away for free! There is no better way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle.

• A Cleaner Environment for Everyone – Old cars that are left in back yards or are disposed of improperly can leak dangerous toxins into the environment, killing animals and often making their way into local waterways. We make sure your vehicle gets to a fully licensed recycling center that will properly dispose of the dangerous fluids in your vehicle before recycling the rest. Even if your vehicle would have made it to a landfill without leaking, it only adds to the serious problem of metal pollution in U.S. landfills.

• A Better City – When a vehicle is recycled it serves a variety of purposes. The metal can be used for playground equipment and school fencing. Rubber from the tires is used to make basketball courts, sidewalks, and safe playground flooring. The plastic from parts like battery casings is used for a great deal of other public services.
Does Your Car Qualify?

A junk car is any vehicle that has outlived its useful life. Junk cars often have extensive engine issues that are not worth fixing. They may have body damage that makes them not safe for our roads. They typically have high mileage or are very old, but are sometimes created by accidents and have salvage titles. If your vehicle meets the above criteria, give us a call. We will offer you cash based on the value of the material that can be recycled from your vehicle. We will also come and tow away your junk car for free.

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“Selling my car to your company was simple! I'm glad you guys came and picked up my car. In the future I will definitely be using again.”